Converting Converting printing blankets has been our core business for decades. Our team has acquired unique knowledge to guarantee consistent quality in our production. Through cooperation with our suppliers and constant team training, we can guarantee high quality processing of the blankets we convert. Quality assurance is incorporated for each phase, so that any possible errors are detected immediately after the operation and not just before final inspection. When we have finished, we do an ink-jet printo >>>
Printing blanket construction A rubber printing blanket always consists of layers of different materials. In interaction with all other parameters during printing in the press, the blanket enables the transfer of ink, which is the decisive part in the whole printing process. The components of the blanket consist of one or several layers of woven cotton. There is a rubber mixture for the surface layer and a further rubber mixture for the compressible layer, which can be filled with either gas or air. >>>
Printing blanket mounting How should a printing blanket be correctly mounted? Apart from the blanket mounting instructions included in the press manufacturer's manual, an in-house operating instruction should be written with the following information: type and size of printing blanket; quantity and size of underpacking sheets/foils and torque values, which should be tested and documented so that before and during blanket mounting, they only have to be checked. Other items for inclusion in the incoming inspection/operating >>>
Print quality The rubber printing blanket is an all-rounder medium which comes into contact with every component relevant to the printing process. It has to transfer type and picture elements as accurately as possible from the printing plate to the printing stock. This is a challenging task. Take a quick look at the deciding parameters in the following summary. Not only should a rubber printing blanket be able to take on ink well, but also to dispense it in the same way. Furthermore, it also has to convey dampe >>>
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