An all-rounder in offset printing – the rubber printing blanket

An all-rounder in offset printing – the rubber printing blanket

Printing blankets are the medium that comes into contact with all the substances relevant to the printing process. They have an extremely diverse range of functions. Here are just the main ones:

  • Transfer type and image elements as accurately as possible from the printing plate to the substrate.
  • Take on colours and, equally well, radiate them fully with no streaks/structures.
  • Transport dampening solution with accompanying substances evenly.
  • Low stress on the substrate.
  • Minimise register inaccuracies / problems.

In addition to the specific properties of the rubber types used for printing blankets, the fulfilment of these functions is ensured by the printing blanket structure, conversion and assembly.


The transfer of print colours provided by the printing blanket or rubber blanket during the printing process is crucial for a flawless printing result.

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Converting printing blankets is one of our core competences. Our team has acquired exceptional knowledge to guarantee precision and consistent quality.

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Instructions for proper printing blanket assembly are included in the machine manufacturer's technical manual. In addition, we recommend an in-house work instruction.

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