Underpacking Materials

Underlay material for offset printing and coating units

Our range includes FOLEX underlay material for printing and coating units as well as calibrated paper underlay from Hanns Eggen GmbH & Co. KG. The reason we have chosen these two partners is because they have developed pioneering solutions for offset printing again and again. Their expertise and innovative capability has been proven over many decades.

Through compressible underlays for perfect coating transfer and underlay foils for high-performance printing, FOLEX contributes to the achievement of excellent printing results when used in industrial printing machines. Milestones of the FOLEX development are the first antistatic polyester assembly foil, the self-adhesive, dimenson-stable polyester underlay foil and the cuttable polymer plates for inline coating. We supply you with the FOLEX products for coating and printing units described in more detail below.

Coating unit

Printing unit

Find out more about FOLEX Coating GmbH as our partner for underlay materials for offset printing and coating units here.

Maintaining uniform contact pressure of the printing cylinders on the entire printing surface is an important quality criterion in offset printing. This can be achieved using precisely calibrated, non-slip underlay sheets.

We supply underlay sheets manufactured to ISO standards by Hanns Eggen GmbH & Co. KG in nine different gauges from 0.10 to 0.50 mm. All common formats up to a maximum of 166.0 x 127.0 cm are available. The paper underlay sheets have a fixed assignment of underlay gauge to colours. This facilitates the selection of the underlay and the precise setting of the processing in your printing machine. Potential moisture ingress and subsequent swelling of the underlay sheets is prevented by means of a special impregnation.

Find out more about Hanns Eggen GmbH & Co. KG as our partner for calibrated paper underlay sheets here.

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